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Outdoor exhibitions

Outdoor exhibitions surrounded by Inwangsan (Mt. Inwang) and Hanyangdoseong(Seoul City wall).

Exhibition of Korean stone statues such as Min Bul (Stone buddha made by civilians), Moon In Seok (Statue of a Civil Officer), Moo In Seok (Statue of a Military Officer), Donga Ja Seok (Statue of a child attendant in front of a tomb).
Additionally, you may also meet various stone statues from Japan, China and all around Asia.

You may enjoy theme zones such as Yard of Jeju island and Haetae Hills and take a rest in the rest area such as Cypress Rooftop house, GP Observatory and Chill-out zone.

Permanent Exhibitions

Mok In warehouse (Open storage)

Mok In Museum’s main collections - Korean traditional SangYeo (Bier) and Mok In (Bier ornaments) are on display.

There are 12,000 pieces of In Mul Sang(Human figure), Yong Soo Pan(wooden piece carved dragon head), Human, Flower, Animal shape of Pan(sculpted cutouts).

Special Exhibitions

  • White House
  • Flower House
  • Bunker
  • Shingle-roofed House
  • Cabin
  • Brick Houes (Curator Office)